Hello and Welcome

Welcome to our Village Snooker League.

We are based in the North East Lincolnshire area and have 12 local villages to make up the

Snooker Teams. 

We play off an handicap system to make it fair to all competitors, which most of them  will agree with this system.                                                      

The three original founder members of the village league were

               Harold Hanson, Mick Brader & Peter Nickerson.

  You can also view the grimsby snooker, just click on the link below.



                    Village Snooker League
            Notice of the Annual General Meeting

   This meeting is cancelled until further notice.

I will update with a new date, for the meeting next week

 Notice is given, that the Annual General Meeting
    of the Village Snooker League will take place on

                                    at 8pm

                    The meeting will take place at

                        Alvingham Village Hall

    Ammendments to rules or items to be inclueded in any     other relevant business, to be handed to the league                         secretary at the start of the meeting.

                    All teams should be represented

left to right
Dan Smith, Will Brader, Mike Thornalley, Andrew Brader,
Graham Smith & Jake Brader
Well done to them!




2016 - 2017

To all Captains,


Thanks to you all for attending last night, and for your input into the discussion on the Knock out requirements.


To hopefully clarify the situation, and to avoid the future possibility of any person entering into the Village Snooker League competitions without otherwise contributing to the League, their team, or benefiting from a fixed handicap, I can confirm that it was proposed and accepted at the AGM (14th July 2016) that no player may compete in either the various individual or team knock out competitions, unless they have played a minimum of 4 league games prior to the Christmas recess.


In effect, anyone who has not achieved this requirement, and assuming they are still in the individual or team knock out at the end of the first half season, will not be able to continue in the respective competition thereafter.


With regard to the team knock out, I do not believe it necessary to remove the whole team, but only the player who has not achieved the 4 league game ruling. This person to be replaced with a player who has played the requisite 4 games.


As I stated Thursday night, I will keep an eye on the situation, and advise the team captain if I see any potential issues, but ultimately it is down to the individual players and the team captains, to ensure that those involved in the knock-outs meet the expected criteria.


Will you all therefore please make your team members fully aware of this ruling in advance of the season starting, so there can be no misunderstandings.


Please feel free to contact me on 01507 338971, should you wish to raise any queries in regard to the above.



Kind regards


John Richardson




If anyone requires scoresheets they are at the bottom of the
Team Players page just click on the link that says snooker slips, this will open in word

A Notice to all Captains

Please note it is the home teams prerogative

to choose who plays who.

Dear Members

There have been a number of incidents of inapproprate behaviour during matches;

May I therefore ask all Captains to remind players of normal snooker etiquette while the opposing players are taking their shot.

1. Do not talk

2. Do not stand in the line of shot

3. Avoid anything which might desturb the opponent.

Thank you

D. Shucksmith

Black Ball Situation is updated in the Snooker Rules tab.

Need your help?

If any players in the village league have or know of anyone that may have any old photo's of any of the village teams, I would be most grateful if I could borrow them to scan and put on the website, with their permission.

Thanks Tina

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