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Snooker Rules

Snooker Rules!


                  Rules Ratified for Snoooker League Season


(1)       EACH TEAM SHALL CONSIST OF 4 players, EACH player shall                    play 2 frames, one point gained for each frame won.

 (2)       Only players registered with the League are eligible to play in the                    League or Knockout Matches: Any team playing unregistered                            players will lose any points gained by them.

 (3)       The Managing Committee shall consist of one representative from                 each Team and the presiding website manager.

 (4)       No more than 10 players may be signed per TEAM at any time                        during the Season.

             a.  The Village Snooker League is a Handicap League.

All players will have an agreed Handicap before commencement of  the season.

H/Caps are increased by 5 for a win.

H/Caps remain the same for a draw.

H/Caps are reduced by 5 for a loss.

H/Caps are not used during the Open Scratch Singles.

Only League matches cause H/Caps to be changed.

During competitions, players use the H/Cap attained after their last League match.

  5      It is strongly recommended that each team sign enough players                      before the start of the Season preferably the full quota of 10.


              a.         Players that had their handicaps reduced owing to ill health,                              their handicaps to be raised to their original lever, unless they                           have already attained it. This will never happen again.                 

                       b.       Any newly registered player that has had previous                                                     experience in any Snooker or Pool league their handicap to                                     start on a mimimum of owe 20

     c.        Any newly registered player that have no previous league                      experience to start on a maximum of Rec 20.

    d.      Players to use H/Cap attained from last league match. New                     players to have their H/Cap set by the League Committee                     prior to the start of the season or thereafter by the Captain.

    e.     There are no Max or Min limit on H/Caps during the season.

     f.     Any player who has played in the Village League within the                    last 2 years and then stopped playing, wil be deemed to have                a historical H/Cap if they wish to compete again, their hitorical                H/Cap will be their automatic starting point.

   g.      Any player who has played in the Village League more than 2                years ago, will have their H/Cap set by the committee prior to                the start of the season or by the Captain thereafter.

   h.      No players may to be signed after Christmas recess.

   i.       Once the season has started - Captains may:

            (a) De-Register players and sign replacements, up to                             Christmas recess.

            (b) These replacements have their H/Cap set by the captain                          (If they are new players to the league). If they have a                              historical H/Cap then this will be used.

            (c) H/Caps set by committee and captains for all new players                     will be  assessed mid season.

           (d) Whether the player is on “Owe” or “Rec”, if they have                            won more than   50% of frames, then their H/Cap will be                        re-assessed by the committee.

 (6)      Start time shall be 7pm on Friday nights. Earlier start by                               arrangement with Team Captains.    

           (a) League frames may be played at anytime before the due                        Friday date, providing both Teams agree.

           (b) It is absolutely essential all 8 frames of each match are                            played.

           (c) If it is impossible to field 4 players the Rule 7 comes into                        affect, please avoid this Scenario.



The victor over a non-attending player shall gain both points for his Team.

Both players handicaps shall remain the same.

 (8)    Correctly completed score sheets for league and Team Knock-outs                 to be posted, delivered or emailed to Secretary Mrs T. Leverton to                 arrive by noon Wednesday following the match. Failure to comply will             mean a deduction of 2 points from the offending team.



        Immediately after receiving league results

        T. Leverton checks details of players H/Caps. If she notes an error,                 she contacts the Team Captain and diplomatically discusses the                     potential error. If the H/Cap is proven to be incorrect, (too high or too             low) any     points gained are deducted and the offending players                     H/Cap remains  the same – and duly noted. The opposition player                    is awarded both points and his H/Cap altered  accordingly.                               Being unaware of the opponent’s error, T. Leverton will contact                         his Team Captain to notify points awarded and ensure he plays                        off a reduced H/Cap the following week.

          (10)    All Venues shall be NON – SMOKING on match nights.


                         HAROLD HANSEN MEMORIAL TROPHY

                    You can now CHOOSE your OWN doubles partner

               This competition will now be played off handicaps. The handicap of a pair                will be attained by adding the handicaps of both players together &                           divided by two. a guide Rec 40 & Owe 30 = Rec 10 divide by 2 = Rec 5

        Rec 40 & Rec 30 = Rec 70 divided by 2 = Rec 35    

       Owe 20 & Owe 55 = Owe 75 divided by 2 = Owe 37

                Only handicaps current at the time of match to be used.

          (12) Should a team withdraw from the League having played a full half                               season, all current team scores & individual players Handicaps to remain.

              Any issues not covered by these rules shall be immediately reported                 to the Chairman, activating a full Committee Meeting to clarify thereon.

Up dated Thursday 3rd September 2015



The following rules have been documented to remove any misunderstanding or inconsistency.


     1.         Only entries on the correct entry form and accompanied by the appropriate fee(s)   will be accepted.

   2.         All entries are to be forwarded to T. Leverton, Competition Secretary.

          3.         Only entries received by the closing date detailed on the entry form will be     accepted.

4.         In all competitions other than the Team K.O., it is the responsibility of

            Home Player(s) to contact their opponent(s) to arrange a date and time for the          match.


           5.         In the Team K.O. it is the responsibility of Home Captain to arrange date and time of match.


            6.         In the Team K.O. the draw must / may be made in advance of the match, and by mutual agreement of the respective captains

can be prior to the day of the match.


     7.         All individual matches in the Team K.O. will be played in the order drawn.


        8.         In the Team K.O. if a player is not present at the agreed venue when his match is     called, then the player and the Team shall forfeit both frames.


      9.         In the Team K.O. a substitute player can be named and must be                           communicated to the opposing Captain prior the draw. If required, the substitution must be notified  to the opposing Captain before commencement of the match.


10.       All matches will be played by the due date which will be notified with the draw for    each round.


11.       It will be the winner’s responsibility to notify the result to the Competition       Secretary.


12.       Any result not so notified within two days of the final date for matches in a round    will result in both players being disqualified.


13.       In the event of a dispute on any matter relating to competition, the Committee shall             be the final arbiter.


                                                            Updated10th September 2016

Black Ball Situation

If this should happen to you!

                                  When you go in off the black, and give away 7 points,
                                        and only if the scores are equal

                                 Black Ball must be re-spotted, and you toss a coin to decide who plays first, and
                                                                       White Ball is placed in the ( D )
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